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In 2002, NSF's Division of Ocean Sciences sought to establish Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) - a national network responsible for facilitating collaboration and communication between ocean science researchers and educators.  

WHOI, in association with the New England Aquarium and the University of Massachusetts System, was selected as one of seven centers nationwide, and funded for five years.

For more information on COSEE-New England activities, visit www.cosee-ne.net.

WHOI is working with the scientific community to support education and outreach initiatives by:

  • Providing professional development opportunities for researchers through workshops, seminars, and online resources
  • Identifying and publicizing programs that would benefit from scientist participation or input
  • Facilitating education and outreach collaborations through services provided by science education specialists.

To talk to someone at WHOI about COSEE-NE or education and outreach opportunities, please contact:

Judy McDowell, co-PI COSEE-NE
Andrea Thorrold, COSEE Program Coordinator




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