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WHOI Open Meeting on NSF's Criterion II
K. Buesseler, A. Thorrold, S. Murphy, J. Luyten - June 22, 2005

Ocean Science Education and Outreach: Identifying and Meeting Scientists’ Needs
Thorrold, Andrea L.; Franks, Sharon E.R.; McDonnell, Janice; Peach, Cheryl L.; International Ocean Research Conference 2005 (download poster pdf)

Chen, R.F., Levi, C., Spitzer, W., and Smith, D., Thorrold, A., 2003. New England Regional COSEE-Strategies to Involve Research Scientists in Ocean Science Education. OCEANS 03, San Diego, Sept. 22-26, 2003. (download abstract pdf)

Crago, T., Madin, K., and Thorrold, A., 2003. The New England Regional COSEE Partnership, NMEA, Wilmington, NC - July 21, 2003.

Models for Involving Scientists in Outreach Efforts: a Multi-pronged Approach
Thorrold, A.L.; Crago T.I.; Madin, K.A.C.; Murphy, S.A., ASLO 2003 (download poster pdf)


Franks, S., Peach, C., McDonnell, J., Thorrold, A. Broader Impact: Guidance for Scientists about Education and Public Outreach. Eos, Vol. 86, No. 12, 22 March 2005, pp. 121, 129. (download pdf)

McDonnell, J., Franks, S., Peach, C., Simms, E., Thorrold, A. Draft Guide to Engaging Scientists and Educators in Education and Outreach, November 2004. (available online soon.)

Franks, S., Thorrold, A. Introducing COSEE and Opportunities for Ridge 2000 Scientists, Ridge 2000 Events, 2004. April, 2004.

Project Results

Education and Outreach Needs Assessment Survey, March 6 - April 18, 2003

A web based survey was administered to members of the WHOI scientific community. The purpose of the survey was to collect baseline data on education and outreach activities at WHOI, assess the needs of the WHOI community in regards to education and outreach, and help to direct future NE-COSEE@WHOI activities.

The survey generated 121unique responses. A group of WHOI scientists was convened to review and discuss the survey results in order to provide feedback on the survey questions, design and responses as well as give input on future NE-COSEEI efforts. (download survey results pdf)


Telling Your Story workshop, final report (download pdf)



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