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Interested in getting involved in education and outreach? Still have questions?

How do I find out who’s interested in hearing about my research?
I have the answers, but who’s asking the questions?
I’m not wild about public speaking. What are my options?

Consider the following possibilities for your E&O efforts:

Speaking Engagements
From one-time lectures for a public audience to talking about science in your child’s classroom, this section will examine opportunities to speak to diverse audiences in a variety of settings.

Providing Expertise
What you do, how you do it, and why you got into science in the first place is fascinating—and useful—to many groups. Think about providing your expertise by interacting with a student about a science fair project, or providing advice to a teacher planning a classroom experiment, or consulting with educators at a science center about an exhibit.

Contributing to Publications
By publications, we mean print or web-based. You could write the piece, or you could be interviewed. It could be short (e.g., newsletter article or fact sheet) or longer (e.g., magazine feature story). Potential audiences range from K–12 students to policy-makers to the general public.




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